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Jack O'Shea

Frontier Pony Express (Frontier Pony Express) - 1939
South of the Border (South of the Border) - 1939
Bad Man of Deadwood (Bad Man of Deadwood) - 1941
Jesse James at Bay (Jesse James at Bay) - 1941
The Lone Rider Fights Back (The Lone Rider Fights Back) - 1941
Sons of the Pioneers (Sons of the Pioneers) - 1942
South of Santa Fe (South of Santa Fe) - 1942
Romance on the Range (Romance on the Range) - 1942
Hands Across the Border (Hands Across the Border) - 1943
Song of Texas (Song of Texas) - 1943
King of the Cowboys (King of the Cowboys) - 1943
Silver Spurs (Silver Spurs) - 1943
Man from Music Mountain (Man from Music Mountain) - 1943
The Yellow Rose of Texas (The Yellow Rose of Texas) - 1944
Song of Nevada (Song of Nevada) - 1944
The Law of the Lash (The Law of the Lash) - 1947