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Doro Merande

Lugar: Columbia EE.UU.
Fecha del fallecimiento: 01/11/75
Cover-Up (Cover-Up) - 1949
The Whistle at Eaton Falls (The Whistle at Eaton Falls) - 1951
La tentación vive arriba (The seven year itch) - 1955
The Man with the Golden Arm (The Man with the Golden Arm) - 1955
El hombre del brazo de oro (The man with the golden arm) - 1956
Un muerto recalcitrante (The Gazebo) - 1959
That Was the Week That Was (That Was the Week That Was) - 1964
Kiss Me, Stupid (Kiss Me, Stupid) - 1964
¡Qué vienen los rusos! (The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!) - 1966
Change of Habit (Change of Habit) - 1970
Primera plana (The front page) - 1974