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Mel Stuart

The Making of the President (The Making of the President) - 1960
Cuatro días de noviembre (Four days in november) - 1965
If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium (If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium) - 1969
Si hoy es martes, esto es Bélgica (If It's Tuesday It Must Be Belgium) - 1969
I Love My Wife (I Love My Wife) - 1970
Un mundo de fantasía (Willy wonka and the chocolate factory) - 1971
One Is a Lonely Number (One Is a Lonely Number) - 1972
Una mujer sin amor - 1972
Wattstax (Wattstax) - 1973
Brenda Starr (Brenda Starr) - 1976
Mean Dog Blues (Mean Dog Blues) - 1978
Ruby and Oswald (Ruby and Oswald) - 1978
The Chisholms (The Chisholms) - 1979
The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal (The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal) - 1979
La vida de Sofía Loren (Sophia Loren: Her Own Story) - 1980
The White Lions (The White Lions) - 1981