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Luciano Vincenzoni

The Best of Enemies (The Best of Enemies) - 1961
For a Few Dollars More (For a Few Dollars More) - 1965
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly) - 1966
Mercenario, salario para matar (The Mercenary) - 1968
Death Rides a Horse (Death Rides a Horse) - 1969
A Quiet Place in the Country (A Quiet Place in the Country) - 1969
The Babysitter (The Babysitter) - 1975
Orca, la ballena asesina (Orca... The Killer Whale) - 1977
Hearts and Armour (Hearts and Armour) - 1983
Miami Supercops (Miami Supercops) - 1985
Blowing Hot and Cold (Blowing Hot and Cold) - 1989
Sólo falta el asesino (Once upon a crime) - 1992