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James Donlan

The Bishop Murder Case (The Bishop Murder Case) - 1930
Danzad, locos, danzad (Dance, Fools, Dance) - 1931
Hombres arriesgados (Men of chance) - 1932
They Just Had to Get Married (They Just Had to Get Married) - 1933
La garra del gato (The Cat's Paw) - 1934
Pasaporte a la fama (The Whole Town's Talking) - 1935
The Case of the Curious Bride (The Case of the Curious Bride) - 1935
Sólo somos humanos (We´re only Human) - 1935
Murder on a Bridle Path (Murder on a Bridle Path) - 1936
Crash Donovan (Crash Donovan) - 1936
Una chica de provincias (Small Town Girl) - 1936