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Hideo Mohara

Tokyo Chorus (Tokyo Chorus) - 1931
Beauty's Sorrows (Beauty's Sorrows) - 1931
Spring Comes From the Ladies (Spring Comes From the Ladies) - 1932
I Was Born But... (I Was Born But...) - 1932
Where Are the Dreams of Youth? (Where Are the Dreams of Youth?) - 1932
Until the Day We Meet Again (Until the Day We Meet Again) - 1932
Dragnet Girl (Dragnet Girl) - 1933
Woman of Tokyo (Woman of Tokyo) - 1933
A Story of Floating Weeds (A Story of Floating Weeds) - 1934
An Innocent Maid (An Innocent Maid) - 1935
An Inn in Tokyo (An Inn in Tokyo) - 1935
College is a Nice Place (College is a Nice Place) - 1936
What Did the Lady Forget? (What Did the Lady Forget?) - 1937