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Marty Ingels

Fecha de nacimiento: 09/03/1936
Lugar: Brooklyn EE.UU.
Armored Command (Armored Command) - 1961
The Horizontal Lieutenant (The Horizontal Lieutenant) - 1962
Salvaje y encantadora (Wild and Wonderful) - 1964
The Pruitts of Southampton (The Pruitts of Southampton) - 1966
Guía para el hombre casado (A guide for the married man) - 1967
The Busy Body (The Busy Body) - 1967
If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium (If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium) - 1969
Si hoy es martes, esto es Bélgica (If It's Tuesday It Must Be Belgium) - 1969
Vibraciones negativas (Instant Karma) - 1990
Round Numbers (Round Numbers) - 1992