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Aleksei Batalov

Fecha de nacimiento: 1928
Lyndiakh Atomakh, O (Lyndiakh Atomakh, O)
A Very English Murder (A Very English Murder)
Riki-Tiki-Tavi (Riki-Tiki-Tavi)
Three Fat Men (Three Fat Men)
No Return (No Return) - 1926
Zoya (Zoya) - 1944
A Big Family (A Big Family) - 1954
The Rumiantsev Case (The Rumiantsev Case) - 1955
The Cranes Are Flying (The Cranes Are Flying) - 1957
Cuando pasan las cigüeñas (Letiat Jouravly) - 1957
My Beloved (My Beloved) - 1958
The Overcoat (The Overcoat) - 1959
The Lady with the Dog (The Lady with the Dog) - 1960
Nine Days in One Year (Nine Days in One Year) - 1961
A Day of Happiness (A Day of Happiness) - 1963
The Light of a Distant Star (The Light of a Distant Star) - 1965
The Living Corpse (The Living Corpse) - 1969
The Flight (The Flight) - 1971
Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears (Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears) - 1979
An Umbrella for Lovers (An Umbrella for Lovers) - 1986
Igork (Igork)
Three Fat Men (Three Fat Men)
The Overcoat (The Overcoat) - 1959