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Ben Blue

Fecha de nacimiento: 12/09/1901
Lugar: Montreal, Quebec Canadá
Fecha del fallecimiento: 07/03/75
College Holiday (College Holiday) - 1936
High, Wide, and Handsome (High, Wide, and Handsome) - 1937
College Swing (College Swing) - 1938
Cocoanut Grove (Cocoanut Grove) - 1938
Por mi chica y por mí (For Me and My Gal) - 1942
Thousands Cheer (Thousands Cheer) - 1943
Broadway Rhythm (Broadway Rhythm) - 1944
Dos hermanas de Boston (Two Sisters from Boston) - 1946
Easy to Wed (Easy to Wed) - 1946
My Wild Irish Rose (My Wild Irish Rose) - 1947
El mundo está loco, loco, loco (It's a mad mad mad mad world) - 1963
¡Qué vienen los rusos! (The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!) - 1966
Guía para el hombre casado (A guide for the married man) - 1967
Accidental Family (Accidental Family) - 1967
Anoche cuando se apagó la luz (Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?) - 1968